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this coming week, jodi arias is expected to be back on the witness stand answering questions from her attorneys as they try to repair any damage they think was caused by the prosecutor's withering cross-examination. them it's the jury's turn, because in arizona, jurors are given the chance to question witnesses. that does it for this "a.c. 360" special report. thanks for watching. does it fo
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special report, thanks for watching. from cnn world headquarters in atlanta this is "early start weekend." >> the mission has changed because we can no longer sustain a rescue effort. the florida sinkhole that has swallowed one life is so dangerous, it is threatening an entire neighborhood. wait until you see what authorities are are doing to the houses there. it's the first sunday without a pope. now the cardinals are descending on the vatican to elect the next holy father. we'll take you live to rome. accused murderer jodi arias expected back on the stand monday as her attorneys take back questions. it's sunday, march 3rd, good morning, everyone. i'm brianna keilar in for randi kaye this morning.
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it's been a busy morning for crews at the international space station. about 30 minutes ago they grabbed the dragon cargo vehicle and the next step is to lock it down to the station around 9:40 eastern time. there was some glitches when dragon launched friday and that delayed its arrival by about a day but spacex says everything is working now. the unmanned capsule is carrying more than 1,200 supplies for the station crew and their experiments. at the vatican, there will be no customary angelous prayer on this sunday and the windows of the papal apartment will remain firmly closed. the election to pick pope been dict xvi successor has yet to be begin. ben wedemen joining us from outside the vatican. ben, will all the cardinals to select the new pope at the
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vatican or are some still making their way? >> some are still making their way. tomorrow morning at 9:30 the congregation of cardinals, which include 207 cardinals, the it21 will participate are expected at 9:30 in the morning and holding two sessions tomorrow. the afternoon one begins at 5:00 and we don't know how long these meetings of cardinals will actually go. obviously, one of the important points on their agenda will be to set a date for the conclave, but they're also discussing a variety of issues of importance to the church. obviously, the agenda has not been made public, but we're told they will be talking about governance or management of the church, financial issues and pedophile priests and a lot to discuss in addition to the conclave, which they have to set a date for.
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brianna. >> we have some familiarity since it hasn't been that long, but walk us through this new process of picking the new pope which will be part of this conclave. >> once the conclave date is set, all the wheels will be set in motion, there is 115 cardinals that will be taking part in the conclave. they will be in a special state and a special hostile within the vatican city where they have no access to cell phones, land lines, internet, blackberry, newspapers, radio, television. they'll be in a completely sealed bubble. and they will walk every day from that hostile to the cystine chapel, which will be prepared for them and there in the cystine chapel on the first day they will vote once and after that, it's four votes a day until they come up with a successor to benedict. now, obviously, all of this in
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complete secrecy. we will know when they will have made a decision when you see that white smoke coming out of the chimney over tchapel. last time when pope benedict was elected it took 11 days back in the 13th century it took two years, nine months and two days. any time between those two spans of time. so, no idea, really, how long the process will take. >> ben, as you sit there waiting for that white smoke, we do hope it take less long than perhaps that second option there. ben, we'll be checking in with you. thanks for that. back here at home most people chased out of their home by a brush fire are back at home this morning. firefighters near daytona beach, florida, say they have it 75% contained. at one point 300 families who had to leave. a stretch of i-95 back open.
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it was closed because of the thick smoke. so far, no injuries and no reports of any injuries and only a barn and chicken coupe has burned down. authorities say the ground is so unstable that it is too dangerous to look for jeff bush's body. demolition crews will start tearing down the house. >> county officials here say they wish they could have done more but they could not risk any more lives. with that, the official search for jeff bush's body has ended. now, the reality is that no one had been inside that house since thursday when the sinkhole opened up, but what they were doing was around the periphery testing with electronic devices, listening devices, ground penetrating radares to see if they could find where there was stability. if there was enough stability to get back into the house to search for the body. that did not happen.
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what they are doing now is moving to what they are calling a demolition phase. they'll bring in heavy equipment and start the demolition process of that house. now, one of the engineers here said that, and he is a sinkhole expert, as well, said that this was a very, very unique sinkhole. >> this is an incredibly unusual condition. i've been doing this for a long time and i've never seen one like this condition. >> right now, measures about 20 feet ride and about 50 feet deep they are saying. if there is any good news, beyond the initial house where the sinkhole was and the houses on either side, they don't believe from testing from the soil that any other houses would be compromised. but it is very unlikely that any of the people living in those three houses will ever go inside them, again. a county official says the ground is so dangerous that crews zil to tear down the house from a distance and they won't
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go past the sidewalk. just in to cnn hosni mubarak will be retried. a judge convicted him for ordering the killing of hundreds of protesters during the arab spring. he was sentenced to life in prison, but in january a cairo court granted mubarak a retrial. also on trial, egypt's former interior minister and several top security chiefs. the former president is currently being held at a military hospital. anger is erupting at the u.s. and its top diplomat. john kerry is meeting with morsi before heading to saudi arabia later today. earlier protesters held up anti-kerry signs. washington wants to support democracy in egypt, but 'cause not favor any one party. egypt has been engulfed in clashes ahead of next month's parliamentary elections. a 7-year-old thought he was doing something harmless with
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his breakfast pastry that is, until his teacher saw him. >> she was pretty mad and i think i was in big trouble. >> oh, he was in trouble all right. getting a punishment that his father calls insanity. preparing to make the march from selma to montgomery, all over again. we are live for today's momentous occasion. [ watch ticking ] [ engine revs ] come in. ♪ got the coffee. that was fast. we're outta here. ♪ [ engine revs ] ♪ how we get there is not. we're americans. we work. we plan. ameriprise advisors can help you
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dozens of nabzers in deerfield, florida, helped rescue a mana e manatee. they helped pull the heavy nine-foot long manatee from a canal. they think it got hit by a boat, whichp haens a bit with manatees and this was taken to the miami sea aquarium. it is right now in critical condition. who would ever think that a pop tart would get a kid in such hot water with his teacher? >> she was pretty mad and i think i was in big trouble. >> he sure was. 7-year-old josh welch of baltimore was eating a strawberry pop tart in school and trying to shape it to look like a mountain and the teacher thought it looked more like a gun and the teacher suspended josh for two days. >> i almost called it insanity. with all the potential issues that could be dealt with in school, you know, real threats, you know, bullies, whatever the issue is. i mean, it's a pastry.
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you know. >> the school sent other students home with a letter that said a student used food to make inappropriate gestures and even offered counseling for any students that may have been troubled by the incident. vice president joe biden will join marchers gathering in selma, alabama, today to remember bloody sunday. 48 years ago this month when alabama state troopers and others attacked a peaceful group that was marching in support of what would become the voting rights act. fast forward to now and the voting rights act is, again, front and center. and our very own victor blackwell is live in selma. so, victor, voting rights back in the news with this case before the supreme court. do we expect the vice president will address it when he's in selma today? >> absolutely. the vice president's office said part of the reason he is coming here is to recognize the role in the civil rights movement but
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undoubt undoubtedly, he will mention this today. over a portion of the 1965 voting right act, section 5 which gives the government oversight in certain states and certain cities and one area in alabama, shelby county says that is burdensome. the federal government saying that those laws are still needed to make sure that everyone has a part of the franchise and is able to vote freely. we'll hear from him today. he had no idea that america will be fighting and refighting so many fights that he thought would be settled. part of what he will talk about today, but also recognize this area's role in the civil rights movement. >> victor, do we have a sense of how big these crowds are going to be and how they might compare to other years? >> historically, thousands of people here at what is called the bridge crossing jubilee in selma. so many come to recognize what
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happened on march 7th when about 600 peaceful protesters tried to make that 54-mile walk from selma to montgomery, but got as far as the bridge when they were beaten down. 17 had to go to the hospital. one was congressman john lewis. he will be here today. in the past we've seen presidents and president clinton in the last few months of his administration. he was here in 2000 and 2007 barack obama and hillary clinton were here at the start of the 2008 presidential campaign. so, political leaders, civil rights leaders and thousands of people honoring the work done here in 1965. those are the people expected to be here today. >> victor blackwell in selma, alabama, thanks, victor. it's a race that brings out some of the toughest, hardiest, most ferocious athletes in the world and most of the competitors aren't even human. it could mean nothing else but alaska's great iditarod.
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good morning, where the sun is just starting to rise there in washington, d.c. over the capitol. all eyes, of course, on washington this week as more spending cuts get under way. washington partly cloudy and kind of a chilly day, 42 degrees. it's been called the last great race. >> three, two, one, go.
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>> the legendary alaskan iditarod kicked off in anchorage. the nearly 1,000-mile journey starts today and covers some of the roughest terrain on earth. mushers desire to be the first to reach the finish line on the bearing sea coast. duke senior ryan kelly returned from injury and had one of the greatest games in history. coach k. called it a performance for the ages. joe carter joining us now with more on today's bleacher report. >> good morning. coach k. college basketball's all-time winningest coach and think of all the players that have come through the program through the years. for him to call ryan kelly's performance one for the ages certainly says a lot. he missed 13 games because he had a pretty severe foot injury. miami, the fifth ranked team in the country, their coach said
3:23 am
they thought they were prepared for ryan kelly's return, but they were not. torched miami for 36 points and duke really just with this win proves that they're still a title threat to the rest of the college basketball landscape and coach k. after the game really praised kelly for doing it essentially at all. >> me saying spectacular or whatever doesn't do his performance justice. one for the age as. probably as good a performance as any player has had, a duke player has had. >> all right, so you talk about performance. what a difference a week makes. after reporting the fastest laptime danica patrick is struggling in phoenix this week. finishing 40th out of 43 cars and her practice runs have been pretty slow, as well. not all bad for danica. last year started 37th in this
3:24 am
race and finished 17th, which was her best series cup finish of the season. she has her work cut out for her. if there is one track she knows best is this one in phoenix. instead of settling for the overtime in baylor, they went for the big win. plan to get the ball inbounds to one of their teammates and the ball goes out of bounds and kansas state gets the ball back and they get a chance to win this game. what do they do? shoot the three-pointer at the buzzer and end up getting the win. one of those things where you say we should have gone for overtime and settled it there. but instead we give it to the team and let them pull off the awesome win. when the ranking comes out tomorrow, you can expect gonzaga it be the nation's new number one team, but the question is, is a healthy duke team with the addition of ryan kelly the best in the country? they debate about it at i can tell you, come the end of march when the tournament starts and you fill out your bracket,
3:25 am
no number one is safe. one of the whacky years in college basketball. it will be fun watching all the crazy upset wins come march madness. >> i generally do my bracket like this. perfect. back to danica, i was excited to see her last week in daytona. she is inconsistent. big showing last week. >> which is surprising because she owns a home in phoenix. she is resting in her own bed and she knows this track very well. people are surprised she is not doing well. >> i bet mentally it's tough coming off a good performance like last week and maybe that has something to do with it. >> a lot of pressure. >> a lot of pressure. joe carter, thank you. disgraceful, disgusting and troubled. those are just some of the comments that flooded on to twitter after this t-shirt appeared on amazon's uk website. find out what the tea-shirt's r faced maker is saying. ♪
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starting your morning with us and a special welcome to our troops watching on the american forces network. i'm brianna keilar in for randi kaye. 28 past the hour, actually. we have five stories that we're watching for you this morning, among others. searchers have given up on finding a florida man who vanished into a giant sinkhole. the ground below jeff bush's home will be his grave. demolition crews will tear the house down later this morning from a distance because the ground is that unstable. families have left the houses next door because the sinkhole could spread to their homes. firefighters near daytona beach, florida, say they've got it about 75% contained, but at one point about 300 family husband to leave. winds and low humidity had been feeding the fire. those same conditions, actually, expected today. and number three. this t-shirt, maybe you're not surprised, is causing a whole lot of outrage on twitter over what it says.
3:31 am
keep calm and hit her. it appeared on amazon's uk retail site. the u.s.-based company that prints the shirt says it has removed the listing and is apologizin apologizing. the slogan was computer generated and not intentionally created. number four, the man the u.s. says is one of the deadliest terrorists in north africa is dead. that's reporting the chad military. they killed moktar belmoktar in january. more than three dozen hostages, including several americans died in that attack. vice president joe biden will join marchers gathering in selma, alabama, to remember bloody sunday. he will give the keynote speech remembering the activists that were attacked by local and state police while marching in montgomery. today is the first sunday
3:32 am
without a pope. it's not clear when there will be a new pope since the election hasn't been set yet. some of the cardinals who are supposed to vote aren't even in the vatican yet, but those top secret meetings are supposed to start tomorrow. john allen joining us now from rome. he's cnn senior vatican analyst and senior correspondent for the national catholic reporter. john, what is the mood like there without a pope? this must be kind of strange. >> brianna, a weird, in between time. in one way the mood is kind of quiet. in this town, the pope is more or less the star of the show. when there's no pope, in a sense, there's no show. but on the other hand, this is also campaign season for the catholic church. also a lot of excitement in the roman air about what might be going on behind the closed doors when the cardinals get together and, ultimately, who the next pope is going to be. >> a lot going on and a lot of meetings and a whole lot to do. who is running things in the
3:33 am
vatican? i am assuming the lights are still on. >> yes, continuity of power in the vatican. when there is no pope, the empty seat, power to govern the church resides in the college of cardinals. now, of course, that's a body of 207 guys as of today. so, there is a smaller group composed of the dean of the college of cardinals and an official, basically the chamberlain and a couple other vatican officials that are the executive committee that will make day-to-day decisions. it should be stressed, this is no more than routine mantance. all the policy decisions, like issuing teaching documents or naming, all of that is on old until a new pope is in charge. >> that's why they want to have a new pope by easter. are they rushing the process along to make sure that happens, john? >> i think there is a certain rush spirit in the air, not only
3:34 am
because they want to have a new pope in place for holy week, which begins with palm sunday on the 24th, but, also, of course, because they don't want to project an image of being disunified and paralysis and gridlock and chaos to the world. so, i think all the cardinals feel some degree of pressure to get this done. on the other hand, none of them can actually control how long this is going to take because there is no shot clock in a papal election. the way this works, they have to keep going, keep balloting until someone passes that magic two-thirds threshold, which in this case, would be 7 7 votes to become pope shortest one took two hours and the longest was almost three years. the truth of it is, as much as they might like to speed this along, ultimately no one, including the cardinals, knows exactly how long it will take. >> no shot clock in a papal election, although that would be very interesting, i have to say. john allen in rome, thank you for that.
3:35 am
a big rendezvous in space. the crew grabbed the dragon cargo vehicle. the next step is to dock it and lock it. that should happen later this morning around 9:40 eastern time. there were some glitches when dragon launched initially on friday and that delayed arrival by about a day. spacex says everything is working just fine now. the unmanned capsule is carrying more than 1,200 pounds of supplies for the station crew. two cell phones could become smoking guns in the oscar pistorius murder trial. a paralymian is on trial. how the phones could hold the real story. >> he does not verify the cell phone information hof the deceased. >> reporter: during oscar pistorius' bail hearing, the magistrate frustrate would the
3:36 am
police investigation. two cell phones found near the murder weapon, no checks made. well the magistrate in this courtroom here castigated the police for not tracing the phone calls made from those cell phones. the phones themselves may contain vital data for propping up or punching holes in pistorius' testimony, mainly the precise location of the phones as they moved through the house. to learn how, i came to top private investigator, an expert on global positioning, gps, cell phone technology. >> gps capability on cell phones in today's age would allow you to precisely know what had happened with that particular handset. there's no doubt that the complete history and movement of that phone is available to the investigators. >> so, an investigator would know if we just walked downstairs in the house to a different room? >> he would known within a meter of where that phone has been. >> reporter: evidence powerful
3:37 am
enough, he says, to make or break pistorius' case. >> in this particular case, the phone could become the smoking gun, so to speak. >> reporter: it wouldn't be the first time a cell phone was the smoking gun. in 2006, popular musician and theater director peterson was shot dead. his wife convicted after her cell phone tracked her precise muc movements. downstairs making calls when she said she was asleep in bed. today cell phone technology is even more sensitive. pistorius' movement already on public record. pistorius' affidavit was read out from here in the courtroom and his movements that night. at 10:00 p.m., he said he was in the bedroom. in the early morning of the hours hearing a noise and going to the bathroom and firing the shots and then going back to the bedroom to put on his prosthreating legs and then going back to the bathroom and
3:38 am
finding the wounded and carrying her downstairs. plenty here for investigators to cross reference. nick robinson, cnn, south africa. it happens even to royalty. queen elizabeth sick with a stomach bug this weekend. this has some people wondering if the queen fell seriously ill, would she give up the throne? the problanswer is probably no,l tell you why. one that's always eluded me. thought i had it in the blizzard of '93. ha! never even came close. sometimes, i actually think it's mocking me. [ engine revs ] what?! quattro!!!!! ♪ to help protect your eye health as you age... would you take it? well, there is.
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this weekend queen elizabeth became ill and she had to cancel her appearance at a ceremony in wales. the queen is 86 years old now and some people wonder if she will ever give up the throne,
3:42 am
perhaps. she is known for honoring her commitment. so, canceling an appearance is pretty unusual for her and this has some people wondering certainly how she's doing and with us to talk about that is nadia, our editorial producer. so, what exactly is wrong? >> the queen has gast gastrointroitis. >> what does that mean. >> she is not going to be going -- >> it happens even to royalty. >> as you said. but the reality is for her to cancel a commitment is very unusual and she knows how much trouble these people go to, especially at such short notice. but we understand she's not desperately ill, but she is uncomfortable. >> it is a bit of a big deal. she is in her 80s, 86 now. about the same age about the pope that just abdicated. but do you think we'll ever see her step down? >> never. you'll never see queen elizabeth step down. in fact, the even word is to boo
3:43 am
in the palace. queen elizabeth was 10 years old when her uncle, eduard viii did abdicate. he was the first in 1,000 years. for the entire palace at the time it was traumatic and it was a horrible abdication and it caused enormous riffs in the monarchy and that's how her father, george, became king. but she remembers the trauma well and the dishonor it brought on the family. >> but what in, i actually thought that was covered pretty interestingly in the king's speech. you kind of got the sense of how horrific it would have been from her perspective, but what happens if she does become really ill or in capacitated? >> she appoints a regent. one assumes charles would become regent but still retain the title of the queen. when she had her coronation in 1953, then she took an oath
3:44 am
under god to reign england and the commonwealth countries. for her that is sacred duty above all us. >> she takes it very seriously. what about in holland recently, queen beteroatrice. >> different rules. in the netherlands the different culture, different customs, different rules. in the netherlands, you are not monarch for life, but queen elizabeth is the sovereign for life and, eventually, one assumes charles will then become king and then after that william and then kate and william being pregnant right now, whether they have a son or daughter will become the next monarch. what's happening as we speak, the 16 commonwealth countries are going to approve the fact that it may be a daughter becoming the next monarch. >> interesting. very interesting. it sound like, for instance, even if she were to get further up in years and it becomes too
3:45 am
much for her. she remains the monarch and charles takes over. >> she delegates some of her duties, which she has already done. you will see queen elizabeth as queen until the day she dies. this week's cnn hero spent 13 years delivering babies before a back injury forced her to stop. didn't really stop her, though. now she found a new way to bring mothers and babies through child birth. meet dr. laura. >> there is a traditional saying when you become pregnant that you have one foot in the grave. so many women dying in child birth in many communities. childbirth is feared. >> four women died from pregnancy complications. >> when i went to africa and i saw these women one after another coming in with complications and we didn't have adequate light to treat them.
3:46 am
>> welcome to the world. a lot of the clinics don't have any electricity. midwives use kerosene laterns and use cameras and cell phones to deliver babies. once i witnessed the things i saw, i had to do something about it. my name is laura stachel. i am providing light source so mothers and babies can be saved during child birth. hospitals and clinics receive the solar suitcase for free. the charge controller is very important. provides medical quality lighting and charges cell phones and has a small battery charger for head lamps and for the fetal doppler that we include. perfect. that's it. mothers are now eager to come to the clinics. just shifted the morale of the health care worker. >> this light is going to bring good changes. it keeps me going. >> turn this on. there you go.
3:47 am
>> thank you so much. >> you're so welcome. i really want a world where women and their families get to celebrate birth and i would love to be part of making that happen. >> the tough cross-examination might be over, but jodi arias' time on the stand isn't over yet. her team goes into damage control mode. this is so sick! i can't believe your mom let you take her car out. this is awesome! whoooo! you're crazy. go faster! go faster! go faster! go faster! no! stop...stop... (mom) i raised my son to be careful... hi, sweetie. hi, mom. (mom) but just to be safe... i got a subaru.
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let's take a look at what's
3:51 am
in store for us this week. on monday, this is the bizarre trial, the murder trial of jodi ari arias. on tuesday the senate int intelligence committee will vote on john brennan. it is expected on tuesday. this vote was scheduled for thursday. on thursday facebook will unveil a new look for its news feed. you know what that is. the place where the ads and updates from friends appear. no word on what those changes will be. we have to stay tuned. friday february jobs report. that's released and watch us right here on cnn for all the latest on the employment situation. and, of course, it's friday, we'll have to end on something fun. that's going to be, if i can get my post-it note to show up. south by southwest. the annual tech festival in austin. it will kick off on friday and all next weekend we'll bring you
3:52 am
lots of very cool interviews with the guests out there. jodi arias she cracked under pressure from the prosecution. the tears were rolling down as the prosecutors grilled her. he asked if she cried like that when she stabbed her ex-boyfriend. arias claimed she stabbed in self-defense. >> cross-examination may be over for jodi arias but she is still on the stand and the next week is the redirect examination of jodi. this is where her own attorney tries to rehabilitate her story from all the points that the prosecutor made on cross-examination. he will most likely emphasize the fog she was in and what she doesn't really remember happening and also the terror that she thought she was being killed at the hands of travis alexander. following that will be the defense expert witnesses. we believe an expert in domestic
3:53 am
violence and also a psychologist to testify and understand a meaning to all of the testimony of jodi arias. reporting from phoenix, arizona, i'm jean casarez. >> was she a domestic abuse victim or a cold blooded killer? watch the "ac 360" special report. that's tonight at 9:00 eastern on cnn. there are a ton of myths about sleep and how it affects your health. so, what's true and what's not? we'll ask our fitness and nutrition expert. ♪ [ male announcer ] it was designed to escape the ordinary. it feels like it can escape gravity. ♪ the 2013 c-class coupe. ♪ starting at $37,800. ♪
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well, this might wake you up a little bit this morning. a report from centers of disease control and prevention, 15% to
3:57 am
33% of fatal crashes involve tired drivers. being sleep deprived slows down our reaction time and one of the biggest myths is that everyone needs a solid eight hours to function. i know, i believe that. i said that about myself, but we wonder what some of the other facts and myths are behind sleep. let's break this down with mark mcdonald. let's do this one first. you go out for dinner and have a nice dessert, do i want coffee with my dessert? people say it stimulates digestion. >> it does stimulate digestion, but it works against your sleep. it actually affects your sleep cycle. >> just break down some of the effects of sleep. obviously, we see driving. you know, what are some of the other effects if you don't get enough sleep. >> if you don't get enough sleep you'll store fat and affect your energy.
3:58 am
look at sleep as your body's battery charger. just like your cell phone, you plug it into the outlet and you recharge your battery, the sleep does the same thing. if you don't get enough sleep, it directly affects negatively your metabolism. >> is it true the hours of sleep before midnight are more important than the hours after midnight, for all you people who like to keep late hours and go to the club. >> commroetly false. as long as your sleep is consistent in a dark environment and quiet environment, you can sleep any time. you don't have to go to bed before midnight. >> i can't say to my boss, no, i can't get up and go to work. >> as long as it is in a dark environment, because that affects your sleep rhythm. >> he'll say go to sleep at 7:00 p.m. you shouldn't have said that. >> what about metabolism. you hear so many people talk about this. everyone is trying to watch what they eat and keep off the weight
3:59 am
and when they do, they wonder how sleep is affecting their metabolism. >> we think we are are what we eat, we are what we metabolize. when you get lack of sleep that makes you store body fat. the biggest thing is this. everyone thinks they love the snooze button, when you hit the snooze button and you keep in that light sleep that makes you store more body fat. by simply not hitting the snooze button and getting 30 quality minutes of sleep that will help you lose weight. >> does it actually make you, you call it useless sleep. >> it's a light sleep. >> why do we want to do it? i got an extra seven minutes of sleep. >> we want to wake up and take on our day and then calm down. that wake-up time is like light sleep. rem sleep regenerates our mind. we do 90-minute cycles. it might feel good, but it works
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